Corporate Team Building

Murder: The Cure for the Common Office Gathering

Corporate events have never been this engaging!

Enjoy A Killer Team-Building Adventure In The Gaslamp Quarter

Murder n’ Mayhem’s Gaslamp Adventure creates an opportunity for teams to get to know each other, along with some of the history of San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter. 

Our adventure is a great way to improve team communication and morale, while helping employees get to know each other and learn about one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Each team will spend their time together problem solving, creatively thinking and motivating one another while developing a productive game plan that generates winning results.

Pricing starts at $300 for up to 10 people. (More information below) 

Contact us today to schedule your private team-building adventure! 

A Team-Building Party That Is To Die For!

Give your office an event to remember. Bring your company together with a LIVE interactive game of clue. Money for bribery & blackmail, an Auction for key clues and an Evidence scavenger hunt. 

Get to know your crew in a new way! Will they work together or go rogue to find a solution? Who is ruthless versus who abides by the rules? What strategies will they implement and when thrown a curve ball do they stay the course or shift their navigation? 

We have many themes available for your corporate team building party, and offer À la carte options as well. Custom mysteries can be created upon request, and may be designed with alternate endings, allowing multiple uses of your theme.

We customize each party to your number of attendees, and include each member of your team in the excitement. You will receive a dedicated event manager who will work with you to plan the entire party, ensuring that each detail is handled correctly.

Pricing and more information below. 


Pick Your Poison …

Visit the Gaslamp Quarter and Solve a Mystery!

Tour Length: Approximately 2 hours

Who Dunnit? Gaslamp is a scavenger hunt-style Murder Mystery Adventure that lasts approximately 2 hours. During the tour, you will visit several of the Gaslamp Quarter’s most popular destinations while solving a murder mystery.

Hot on the heels of a killer through the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, you will collect virtual clues and evidence to solve Who Dunnit?! Along the way, you will have to crack codes, decipher riddles and participate in crazy challenges in order to successfully complete your mission.

About the Tour

Think of this as a Scavenger Hunt with a murder mystery twist.
 While the locations you stop at are very real, the mystery itself is virtual.
 Please wear comfortable shoes as you will be on our feet the whole time. This tour lasts approximately 2 hours, all depends on the speed and skill of your group.

No food or drinks are served during the tour. 

The Dick Detectives

After a rough day of business Dick went out for a night on the town with his Business Partner, Buddy. After a wild and crazy evening, Dick awoke to find he had passed out in the Gaslamp Quarter with no memory of the previous night – and the police standing over him ready to take him into custody! Dick soon finds out that Buddy is dead, and Dick is the prime suspect in his murder…

Dick swears he is innocent, so he has hired you and your team of Private Dick’s to prove he is not guilty of this crime. Detective, we are counting on you to solve this case! Put together your best team and lets spring Dick from lockup!

The Private Dick Agency (PDA)

Your team of detectives have been hired by the Private Dick Agency to come assist with this case. So put together your most fun and brightest group of detective friends to come join you on this adventure. Your team should consist of up to six detectives. If you don’t have a team, don’t worry; we will pair you with some other Private Dicks and get your Agency up and running.

Teams are encouraged to come up with a fun and crazy Detective Agency name. Also, you may want to establish a unique company uniform, so we can differentiate you from the other Agencies out there.

Our private event pricing starts at $300 for a weekday (Monday-Thursday) private tour for your group. That includes up to 10 guests. Additional guest pricing starts at $30/person. 

Weekend pricing (Friday- Sunday) is $330 minimum for up to 10 guests and additional guests are $33/person.

* These prices include all fees; taxes, ticketing and service fees.

We also have private group options available for our other tours. 

Mystery Parties

Murder n’ Mayhem provides a wide variety of Murder Mystery Party themes for your personal, corporate, commercial or fundraiser events!

Our parties deliver a unique experience – one that will have your friends, family, co-workers and guests laughing, engaged, and impressed. Murder n’ Mayhem is a full service event planning company! Each party comes complete with not only the mystery kit, but also an event planner to help you prepare a party that is to die for.

At Murder n’ Mayhem we feature the Mix n’ Mingle Murder Mystery Party – an experience where guests participate in the story by becoming the suspects (maybe even the killer!) and work to solve the mystery. Each guest is provided a character guide, Mayhem Money, secrets about their character, and a bit of dirt on the other characters.


Our parties have a Base Fee of $69.99 and then a per Participant Fee. We also offer optional services such as Event Facilitation, Actors, Mystery Customizations and more for an additional fee.

 The Base Fee covers the items that are essential for all parties. This includes crime scene tape, handcuffs, physical evidence items, mayhem cards, solution, award certificates, shipping and more. 

The Participant Packages range from $7.99 for Sleuth Kits and  $8.99/character to $15.99/character.

* Optional additional costs for an on-site party facilitator, actors, mystery customizations, etc… 


The minimum number of guests required is 8.  We do not have a maximum number of guests. 


We recommend booking at least 30 days in advance. Please be aware popular dates such as holidays, along with the months of October & December we recommend booking 45 days or more in advance. 

“The first part of the mystery was pretty easy but the second half was crazy hard. We’re all total murderinos, but we were definitely in for more of a challenge than we expected. I can’t wait to do it again with my boyfriend. This is a must for true crime fans looking to live out their detective fantasy.”

Savannah K.

“We did a team building event with this awesome outfit. RT was amazing. Good use of time. So much fun in San Diego.”

Matthew W.

“This was so fun! RT was awesome! Our group had a great time exploring and finding clues. RT would show up at the perfect time to lightly help us along without giving anything away. I recommend this activity for a fun group bonding experience.”

Sarah M.

“My office did an awesome tour with Detective RT!! He was so fun, encouraging and totally in character the entire time.”

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