Mystery Murder Parties

Mystery Parties to die for…

Murder n’ Mayhem provides a wide variety of Murder Mystery Party themes for your personal, corporate, commercial or fundraiser events!

Our parties deliver a unique experience – one that will have your friends, family, co-workers and guests laughing, engaged, and impressed. Murder n’ Mayhem is a full service event planning company! Each party comes complete with not only the mystery kit, but also an event planner to help you prepare a party that is to die for.

At Murder n’ Mayhem we feature the Mix n’ Mingle Murder Mystery Party – an experience where guests participate in the story by becoming the suspects (maybe even the killer!) and work to solve the mystery. Each guest is provided a character guide, Mayhem Money, secrets about their character, and a bit of dirt on the other characters.

Personal Parties

Our murder mystery parties are customized according to your situation, requests, and number of attendees. A personal event manager will handle each detail of your event, ensuring a truly enjoyable party for you and your guests. Choose from one of our many mystery themes, or add to these packages with our A la carte options.

Want something completely unique? We can create your own, personalized mystery, complete with alternate endings and multiple participants.


Murder Mystery Party Base Fee: $69.99 – includes shipping charges 


Basic Party Package: $8.99 per person – character distribution

Mayhem Party Package: $11.99 per person – murder mystery party, character distribution & printed character guides

Murder Party Package: $15.99 per person – murder mystery party, character distribution, mailed character guides and guest list management


Sleuth Kit: $7.99 per person – mailed with the party

Facilitator/Actor Fee: $200/person for 2 hours. Additional time & travel fees may apply. 

Please inquire about our Menu of Mayhem for pricing on additional items and services offered. 

What’s Include?

 Murder Mystery Party Kits include:

• Digital Party Planning Guide, Guest Assignment Worksheet & Virtual Party Coordinator
• Facilitator Guide (Party Instructions, Party Setup Checklist & Party Introduction)
• Name Tags, Top 8 Character Bios, Character Confidential Envelopes, Pens
• Real Evidence Items, CLUE Cards, Mayhem Money, Sub-crime prop(s) – when applicable
• Bonus Clue Auction, Evidence Scavenger Hunt, Mayhem Cards
• Solution Envelope, Sleuthing Tips, 10 ft. Crime Scene Tape, Handcuffs
• Award Certificates (5): Solved It, Super Sleuth, Best Costume, Best Performance, Wealthiest Player


Character Distribution- We will email your guests their character for your party.

Guest List Management- We will call your guests after the characters are emailed to see if they have any questions or need assistance with costume/prop ideas. We also send an email a few days before your event confirming their attendance and offering last minute help.

Corporate Parties

Our mystery parties are great for conferences & conventions, perfect for team-building and Holiday events, and a completely unique way of bringing your company together. We customize each party to your number of attendees, and include each member of your team in the excitement. A dedicated event manager will work with you to plan the entire party, ensuring that each detail is handled correctly.

We have many themes available for corporate parties, and offer À la carte options as well. Custom mysteries can be created upon request, and may be designed with alternate endings, allowing multiple uses of your theme.

Commercial Parties

Our unique parties are an excellent way to bring guests to your establishment. Your guests will have a fabulous time at the event, and will enjoy our customized mystery themes. We design our parties around your number of attendees. We can also provide alternate endings or a follow-on story so that the mystery can continue to unfold at your premises.
Our full-service event planners will handle each detail, ensuring your guests’ enjoyment and customizing the mystery to your space and requests. In addition, our mystery themes can be created to include your menu, highlighting your food in completely unique ways.

Fundraiser Parties

Hosting a mystery party is a great way to increase the profits raised at your next fundraiser! Your guests, donors, and benefactors will have a fun, engaging time during your charity event or profit raising venture. Choose from a wide array of party themes, or customize your party options to fit the event. We can create a mystery specific to your organization, and provide alternate endings for various uses. Add options to your party using our A la carte options, and create just the right mystery for your event.

In addition to hosting your party, our event planners can add interesting and beneficial elements to your fundraiser, tying in the theme of the mystery to your event (ie. raffles, prizes, etc.).

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