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Why host a Murder n' Mayhem Party?

Murder n’ Mayhem provides an interactive social party that is fun and unique – an event that is to die for! Customer service is very important to us, and we are available by phone or email to answer any questions your guests may have. We can even come host your party for you.

What do you sell?

We sell Mix n’ Mingle Murder Mystery Parties. Our parties are customized to your attendees and will arrive to you ready to go! No assembly or printing is required. All you have to do is invite your guests and distribute their character guides before the party. Alternatively, you may purchase an upgrade package and we will distribute the character guides for you, contact your guests to see if they have any questions and re-confirm your attendees prior to the event!

Our customer service is also included at no charge for your party. All parties receive a FREE Party Planning Consultation. We are here for you and want your party to be the talk of the town for years to come! We are available at any time and as often as you need to answer any questions you may have.

How do your Murder n' Mayhem parties work?

Our mysteries are based on a series of clues and physical pieces of evidence. The evidence represents the guilty parties. You may have to find the correct clue to know what a piece of evidence means. For example a king of hearts from a deck of cards could be used to represent a male character that is having “love-life” issues and is an avid poker player. You would then need to connect this clue with the male character that has a motive related to his “love” life and likes to play poker.

Please be sure to carefully look over the evidence. There may be more than what initially meets the eye! For more tips on how to “play” the game please visit the Sleuthing Tips page.

As a guest of a murder mystery party if you are not the killer then your goal is to prove your innocence by being a sleuth and solving Who Dunnit? If you are the killer, your goal is to make everybody else look very guilty!

Most of our mysteries not only feature a murder but also another sub-crime that is committed. You will have to solve the murder and the sub-crime. At most parties the sub-crime is committed at the party, while the murder happens before the party.

As the host, can I participate without knowing who the murderer is?

Yes, as the host you will NOT know who the murderer is and you can participate just like the rest of your guests! The solution to the mystery arrives in a sealed envelope, so no cheating is allowed.

Are you an acting Troupe?

No, our mysteries are considered Mix n’ Mingles. The Mix n’ Mingle is the best of all worlds! You have total participation by becoming a character, suspect, and maybe even the killer! You don’t get bored watching someone else have the fun or get stuck reading from a sheet of paper. Instead, you are given a character description, some mayhem money, secrets about your character, and a little dirt on the other characters in the mystery!

Are your parties scripted?

No, our mysteries are not scripted. Your guests will receive a character background that provides all of the important information that is relevant to the mystery. Any details that are not provided are open to improvisation by that individual. This makes the mystery fun and allows for personalization of one’s character! It also means you could do the same mystery and it would be slightly different each time.

Can I make reservations for a public event through your website?

Yes, we have a reservations page for events that are open to the public. If you do not see a particular event listed they have chosen to only take reservations through their own facility and you will need to contact them directly. If you have any questions about an event please feel free to contact us!

What is the minimum number of guests to hold an event?

We recommend a minimum of eight guests – anything less and you won’t have much to sleuth! Our Holmes Manor Mystery is available for six guests.

What is the maximum number of guest to hold an event?

Because we write the mysteries ourselves there is no maximum number of guests. We make sure we have enough going on in the storyline to include everyone. Essentially, the more people you have, the more sub-crimes we write into the story and evidence we distribute to the characters.

If you are hosting a very large event you may want to select primary suspects, divide into teams, or consider holding several mini-mysteries. This will help with time constraints and decrease the number of clues that would need to be discovered.

How long does a party usually last?

Most parties last 2-3 hours. It could be more or less depending on the number of attendees you have. Keep in mind the more people, the more time it will take to gather everyone’s motive and clues. How long your party lasts also depends on how outgoing your group is.

Can we make special requests for the story of our party?

Yes, we will try to accommodate your special requests! We write the stories ourselves and have the flexibility to make minor adaptations as requested. That is one of the benefits of choosing us over our competitors!

How soon before our party should we start planning?

We recommend at least a month to plan your party. The more time the better! If you have less than a month to plan your party please contact us directly so we can accommodate your needs.

What if I can't get an accurate guest count?

Try to get as accurate as possible and then let us know the number of characters you would like to purchase and that you don’t have exact confirmations. We will be sure to let you know which characters are vital and which are optional. Please remember you pay for each character that is ordered. You may want to place an initial order and then contact us to add additional characters.

What do I need to do to book my party?

We have a great guide that will walk you through this process step by step! It is so easy!

Murder n’ Mayhem Planning Guide

How do I book a party?

You can book a murder mystery party by visiting our online Booking area. You can also e-mail or call us at 1-888-838-6311 to book a party!

What if I am a first time host or attendee?

No problem! All of our murder mystery kits come with a Host Guide that explains everything you need to know for your party. We also include a FREE Party Consultation with every party! This can be done in person, over the phone, or by email. This gives us the opportunity to “walk” you through your party and answer any questions you may have. We are here for you and want your party to be the talk of the town for years to come! We will also check in with you a couple of days before your party to make sure everything is going smoothly! If you have any questions in between, we are just a phone call or email away.

Your party includes Character Guides that have your guests’ character backgrounds and explain the party. For additional assistance we have sleuthing tips on our website and we are available to your guests for any questions they may have. We include our phone and email in all of the Character Guides so they can reach us for assistance

How can I keep up to date with current mystery events?

Yes, please sign up for our newsletter HERE. We promise not to sell your information to a serial killer or spam you. We send out on average 6 e-mails a year, or one every other month.

Can you write a custom party to a theme of my choice?

Yes, we write custom party themes. We would love to have the opportunity to create the perfect party for your group! Please contact us and we can discuss the mystery theme you want. We also have the ability to create a completely customized storyline for your event. Please note: custom parties often take more time to create, so please be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

How are your parties different from a boxed kit?

A boxed kit provides for a general number of attendees, often requiring equal number of male and female players, and is not customizable. Our parties are completely customized to your group. If you have an odd number of attendees, no problem! If you have more women than men, no problem! Want a Girls Night Out party for women only, no problem! Have a certain character you want “killed off,” a special character name, or some other inside joke within your group, we can do it!

How will you facilitate or host the party for us?

Upon request, we will facilitate your party for a minimal fee. Our fees are worth the expense so you can completely participate and enjoy your party, while you let us worry about the details!

Can you help us find a facility to host our party at?

Yes, customer service is very important to us! We have several facilities that are familiar with our parties and would love to host your event.

Is it true that all your parties can be turned into a Girls Night Out?

Yes, since our parties are customized to your attendees, nearly all of our mysteries can become a fun, Girls Night Out event!

Do you have invitations?

Yes, we have invitations available for download or you can purchase printed invitations from us. We have general invitations or can create customized invitations for your special event for a small fee. Please contact us if you would like information on customized invitations that will match your party theme. You can also use online services for invitations such as:,, and These save paper and postage, while allowing you to manage your guest list!

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, give the gift of Murder n’ Mayhem! This one-of-a-kind gift is “to die for!” The gift certificate comes complete with a miniature noose which fits perfectly around the neck of the recipient’s favorite wine bottle! This is guaranteed to be a memorable gift and create even more memories at their party! We sell these by dollar increments or guest count. You can request gift certificates through our Contact Page.

Do you sell something we can use to represent a dead body

Yes, we sell Crime Scene or Dead Body beach towels. They are perfect for creating the crime scene and can be used afterwards as a towel. They pair well with our crime scene tape and toe drink tags. We can also order stuffed dummies upon request. You can check these items out at our store – COMING SOON!

Do you provide kits for download?

No, we do not provide downloadable kits. All of our kits include physical evidence items that are not able to be transported from our computer to you. It is important to us that our kits come to you ready to go! We take care of the printing, assembly, and evidence. This saves you time and money, while ensuring you receive a high quality product. This also makes it so you can participate without having seen any of the clues or physical evidence items.

Do you offer restaurant, commercial or fundraiser parties?

Yes, we have special packages put together just for these types of events. There is no need for you to have an event planner on staff. We can take care of everything for you! We guarantee this will be one of the easiest events you have ever hosted!

Do you do corporate parties?

Yes, we have parties that are perfect for team building, socializing, and ice breakers. We also write custom themes, so if you would like a mystery built around your business we can put it together for you!

We want to do a party, but our budget is limited. Will you work with us?

Yes, we have several options available for putting together a party on a tight budget. Please contact us and we will work with you to find a way to accommodate your budget!

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