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Virtual Tarot Reading

Quick Details

Adult Virtual Reading Ages 18+

Uncover insights and perspectives that can illuminate your path!

Welcome to your personalized tarot reading, a mystical journey into the realm of ancient symbolism and intuitive guidance. As we shuffle the cards and tap into the energies surrounding you, we’ll uncover insights and perspectives that can illuminate your path and empower you to navigate life’s twists and turns.

We offer the flexibility of both individual and group tarot readings conducted via phone, Zoom video sessions or in-person in San Diego, CA. Whether you seek personal clarity or wish to share the mystical experience with friends or loved ones, our readings are tailored to provide insightful guidance and deepen your connection to the mystical world of tarot.


My name is Luna Noir, I am a medium and intuitive tarot reader, I have been reading for 5+ years. I typically give readings on love & relationships, career, or general readings. A general reading allows your spirit guides to share their advice to you at this time.

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